GameForce ACE TEST Device Clip

GameForce ACE and Indie Basic Q&A

Basic Specs about GameForce ACE and Indie

ACE. Rockchip RK3588s, 8GB+128GB

Indie. Rockchip RK3566, 4GB+32GB

What are the difference between ACE and Indie?

The main difference of ACE and Indie are the SoCs, the motherboards of these two devices are different.

The shells, batteries, the screens are same.

What about the shipping date?

The plan was hopefully we can ship out the devices at the end of Oct, but I just got notice there are an Eight Days at October as National Holidays. It is the biggest holiday since the Covid-19 is over in China, we have several suppliers working with us for these devices, some will get earlier/later even longer than the official dates, the holidays will probably disturb our work days more than 10 days. So a big chance we will deliver these devices at early November.

What about the Pre-Order Price? And the Final retail price?

Pre-order price $159.99 for ACE will be available before 10th of Oct.

Pre-order Price $179.99 for ACE will start at 11th of OCT until end of Oct.

Retail Price will be $219.99 for ACE since Nov.

About the OS

ACE and Indie will run Android 12 (LineageOS).

Will support Linux, but will do it after first batch delivery.