How to Use

All keys functions

Home key = Hotkey/, HK

HK + Dpad UP = Volume +
HK + Dpad Down = Volume -
HK + Dpad Left = Screen brigthness -
HK + Dpad Right = Screen brigthness +
HK + Start(twice) = Quit Emulator 
HK + R3 = Switch button colors
HK + L2 Manual Headphone Switch

Only in Emulationstation
L3 = Background Music change

Only in Retroarch:
HK + R1 = Save State
HK + R2 = Fast Forward
HK + L1 = Load State State
HK + Dpad UP = Retroarch Volume +
HK + Dpad Down = Retroarch Volume -
HK + Dpad Left = Retroarch Savestate slot -
HK + Dpad Right = Retroarch Savestate slot +
HK + Start (x2) Quit back to Emulationstation
HK + X = Retroarch Menu
HK + B = Retroarch Reset
L3 + R3 = Retroarch Menu (not available right now)

Power Button:
While device is off: Short Press, turn on device,
While device is on: Short Press, Sleep mode, short press again to wake up the device.
Long Press: Hard power off

Charging the device: The Screen must be on (Not in Sleep Mode), or when the device is Power off

Notice: Key functions can be changed in later version of system.

How to use Write EmuELEC on Memory Card

1.You need a Card Reader(prefer USB3.0) and TF card
2.Go to or
3.Download the latest version of EmuELEC for GameForce Handheld
4.You need software Rufus or Win32DiskImager or Ether to write the system file to your TF memory card.
5.Put the card in your device, press Power button to boot the device.
6.The first booting time will take about 2-3 minutes, will partition your TF card, and your device will reboot.
7.After the device is rebooted, you can add emulators, cores and game roms by yourself via software WinSCP
8.You can also use Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software, it is a software can read and write Linux file systems in Windows OS through card reader.

After EmuELEC 4.1, you can transfer EEROMS data by card reader.

If you can not see the EEROMS particiton, left click "My Computer", --> "Management" , --> "Disk Management" --> Add Disk Symbol to the EEROMS partition, then you will see the Disk Symbol of the EEROMS partition like Drive G

How to transfer data to your device via WiFi

1.Press Start, in Internet setting, connect your device and PC to same WiFi router.
2.Download software WinSCP.
3.Find your device’s IP address.
4.In WinSCP, put your device IP address,
User name: root, Password: emuelec, (all lowercase)
5.Connect PC to your device, then you can transfer data to your device from PC.

Softwares needed
1.System EmuELEC for GameForce or
2.Image writer: Rufus, Win32DiskImager, or Etcher
3.Transfer data in Windows via WiFi for Linux file format: WinSCP
4.Read and Write Linux file in Windows:
-- Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software
(when you write image files you need kill this process in Task Manager)

EmuELEC for GameForce Does Not come with pre-installed any games.

Theme Settings

Crystal is default theme for EmuELEC, but you may like to change the default Cystal setting

Start -- UI Setting -- Theme Configuration
Gamelist View Style -- Grid
Default Grid Size -- 3*3
System Video Delay -- No Delay
Gamelist Video Delay -- No Delay
HomePage Layout -- Simple Horizontal Menu

Of course you can change the settings as you like. You can download themes from Updates and Downloads. Dim the developer of Cystal updates the theme very frequently. You can also download other themes via WiFi.

For more how to use EmuELEC and RetroArch, please visit
Or Search on Google or Youtube.

The System will be supported by Open Source community.